Frictionless Freelancing

ff-cover-ibooksI’m a great graphic designer (horn=”toot, toot”), but I’m an even better freelancer. I run a smooth, streamlined business. I also love to teach other people how to do things in a better way, knowing that the better we are at our jobs, the more successful we can be. To that end, I wrote Frictionless Freelancing with the aim to help freelancers and small businesses do more, better.

Freelancing isn’t easy. And the friction we encounter through our mistakes, inexperience and broken systems can hold us back from the success we know is possible. With Frictionless Freelancing, I pull back my freelancing robes (gross!) to reveal years of valuable tricks and secrets. Some of the topics I cover include how to take the friction out of your productivity methods, how to craft successful client interactions, getting a firmer grasp on your finances and finding that necessary balance between freelancing and your personal life.

Everyone knows their business methods need to be tweaked and improved; I spend the entire book helping you discover where and how to make that happen. You could spend years battling frustration in your business, or you could start fixing the problems today with my help. Frictionless Freelancing is your ticket to a better freelance business.

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