I’m Aaron Mahnke. I’m a hired gun, mostly doing graphic design, branding and web stuff, but I do the occasional consultation for freelancers who want to find a better way to do the things they do. I’m a Midwestern transplant to the Boston area, where I work and live with my wife and two kids. They’re all better looking than I am, thankfully.

I also have my hand in a ton of little projects. I founded the Read & Trust Network, I write fantasy novels, and each week I co-host a podcast geared toward home-based workers called — get this — Home Work. Oh, and I love helping other businesses get better, so I wrote a book to help frustrated, inexperienced freelancers and small business owners remove the friction from their jobs.

About This Site
Frictionless is really about friction. Not the kind that gives you rug burns; that’s physical friction. No, I’ve got this theory that there is non-physical friction, too. When that restaurant takes your order over the phone, and then when you show up to get your food they type it all into their register again – yeah, that’s friction.

My other theory is that if we get rid of this friction, our lives will get easier. Not perfect, but easier. Maybe we could do more, better. So that’s what this site is all about. If you want to learn what I’m learning, read what I’m writing and explore some of the ideas and tools I’ve come up with to remove friction, then Frictionless is the place for you.

I’m not one for begging or self-promotion, but if this site adds value to your life there are a number of small ways you can drop a coin in my hat. When you buy one of my Frictionless Tools or my book Frictionless Freelancing, you support my efforts to help make this world a more frictionless place.

Hire Me
If your business, book or app needs a brand crafted, I’m your man. Check out my design site for more information.